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Call Filter Plugin

Our most popular plugin!

The Call Filter Plug-In adds a new setting to Locale for Android and Tasker. When the setting is activate incoming calls are screened against your preferences. Blocked calls will be ended (typically, your carrier will send the caller to voicemail) and allowed calls will ring like normal. Preferences allow users to allow or block:

  • All calls
  • Contacts
  • Google Contact groups
  • Specific numbers
  • Toll free numbers (e.g. 1-800, 1-888, …)
  • Private/hidden numbers (e.g. no “Caller ID”)

The plugin can be purchased in the Android Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does it ring once sometimes?

A: Android “announces” events to apps, which can then react to them. Some events allow multiple apps to react at once (ex: SMS messages), other events can only be seen by one app at a time and require everyone else to “get in line”.

Incoming phone calls are “one at a time” events, and while we do ask for the highest priority in line – we are at Android’s mercy when it forms the line. Some manufacturers have tweaked the ROM to give the phone app first dibs. If you have one of these devices, the filter cannot see the  Caller ID data until the phone app is done with it. This can be a long enough delay that a ring sneaks through.

Unfortunately, if you have this type of phone – there is no fix.

Q: Why is it still filtering calls?

A: The call filter is a “setting”. Android settings remain ‘set’, until another trigger changes them or the user manually changes them. In this case, your trigger turned the filter on – so we just need to add a trigger to turn the filter off when it’s done.

Tasker Users: We recommend adding an “Allow All Calls” filter to the exit task. To do this, long press on the task (the right side, with the green arrow) and select “Add Exit Task”.

Locale Users: We recommend adding an “Allow All Calls” filter to the default situation.  Tap “Defaults” from the situations screen, then tap the “Add Setting” button.

Q: How do I report a bug?

A: The preferred method is to:

  1. Open the plugin
  2. Press menu, or the menu softkey (⋮)
  3. Press “Report Problem”
  4. Describe your problem, and send the email

Why do we prefer this method? Simple, using the “Report Problem” button will include log data  that is vital and insightful when trying to remotely diagnose your problem.

Alternatively, you can email info@suttco.com

Q: It would be cool if the plugin could ______.

A: We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas. Almost every plugin was a direct result of user submitted ideas. You can reach us at info@suttco.com or on the contact page.